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Virtual Conference 2019 Schedule


Saturday, September 14th

2pm EST

VoC-Only Conference Kick-Off Event

at Farm Sanctuary, NY

7:30pm EST

VoC Virtual Talks



Sunday, September 15th

2pm EST

Live, Virtual Q&A Panel


Cost: Free!

ASL Interpreter for Virtual Talks

(Please request an interpreter for the Farm Sanctuary event if needed)

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Every VoC that registers and attends both events will have the chance to

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Veganism of Color

edited by Julia Feliz Brueck!


September 14th, 2019

Conference Kick-Off!


Exclusive In-Person FREE VoC-Only event at Farm Sanctuary, Watkins Glen, New York! Limited space available.

Register to receive details for this special event and to reserve your spot:

Kamekə Brown

Kick-off Event Co-Host at Farm Sanctuary

Kamekə is the social justice coordinator at Farm Sanctuary.

They will be hosting the conference's in-person kick-off event along with Julia Feliz on day one and will open with a welcome talk dedicated to centering and ensuring we include nonhumans in our vegan activism.

7:30pm EST

VoC Talks

Julia Feliz

Kick-Off Event Co-Host at Farm Sanctuary


Virtual Conference Introduction & Closing Talk

Julia is the founder of Sanctuary Publishers and

Virtual Mini Conference Speakers & Topics for 2019

Doreen A. Yomoah

Veganism, Sustainable Development, and the North/South Divide

This talk will raise questions about the international development and the role of privilege

in defining the responsibilities of vegan activists of color in helping to spread

consistent anti-oppression around the world.



Doreen is a writer and organizer in Switzerland.

Prateek Gautam

A Dalit's Perspective: Casteism and Speciesism


This talk will discuss the interconnections of casteism and speciesism, including casteisms' dependence on

nonhuman animal exploitation to justify both human and nonhuman oppression

(a term coined casteist speciesism).


Prateek is an activist, post graduate student, and musician based in India.

Margaret Robinson


Decolonizing Body, Mind, and Spirit

This talk will examine how approaching veganism from an Indigenous (L’nu/Mi’kmaw)

perspective can help undo colonial damage and support food sovereignty.


Margaret is a two-spirit L’nu scholar from Eski'kewaq, Nova Scotia

and a member of the Lennox Island First Nation.

Her work examines the impact of intersecting oppressions and draws on critical,

postcolonial, and queer theories, intersectionality, and third wave feminism.

Photo credit: Graffiti artist, Poser

LoriKim Alexander

Black Queer Vegan Liberation

This talk will focus on the intersections of being Black, queer, and vegan while working

towards liberation for both humans and nonhumans.


A trained field biologist and naturalist, as well as a vegan of 25 years,

LoriKim is currently the Co-Director of BlackCuse Pride, NY.


September 15th, 2019

2pm EST

LIVE Q&A Panel